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Welcome to Unfun.ca! Please have a look around, if you have any questions or comments just head over to the contact page and send me some fancy electronic mail!

The Unfun Podcast is coming! We will be releaseing the first 5 episodes all at once (what a deal!). We are still unsure on who some of our first guests but we are going to have Ryan Hearn of The Creaks in the first 5 for sure, as well as some of the guys from the amazing Verse The Sun out of Saint John. Stay tuned!

Check out the above mentioned bands on Twitter! The Creaks & Verse the Sun


Photography, Adobe, Lightwave, & more

The Unfun Podcast!

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Code Samples

Visual Studio, C++, SQL, Oracal, HTML 5, & more

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Our brand new Podcast page is coming very soon!

Code Samples

The Code Samples page offers a few examples of projects I have created using different coding languages including

  • Visual Basic(Visual Studio)
  • C++
  • SQL
  • HTML5

I will be deleting the Code Samples page soon to make room for more Podcasts but if you are still intereted you can check it out here Code Samples